MC3 and IOS tips

Just got the MC3 and thought it would help me to simplify but also greatly expand my current set up. I’m using IOS iPad Pro M1 version, and using an Xtone Pro midi controller/ audio interface. The set up is ok but the Xtone doesn’t send midi to specific midi channels and is therefore limited to global / Omni and only sends midi CC. So anyhow I thought it would be great to add the MC3 via midi 5 pin from the MC3 to the midi in on the Xtone ( it’s suppose to send midi via usb or 5 pin so I figured it can possibly work. Is this the correct way if hooking up?

If not then maybe I could hook it up via a usb hub and try it that way. Will this method work?

So the first initial issue is quite a fundamental one too as a lot of iOS apps feature a midi learn function. This is really great as you only need to press the selected button on the controller and it gets mapped to the app instantly.
Is there a way I can do this with the MC3? I’ve had quick look on the editor and don’t see this option so I suspect it’s not possible.

I’ve looked at some of the apps I’m using and can’t find any midi map on the manuals so I’m scratching my head and wondering how I can set this up.

Finally I’m AUM and love it, it’s so intuitive and easy to use. But once again it seems to rely on the midi learn function to map out to midi controllers.

What’s the answer ? Anyone please help

Hi. Yes, you can easily map software functions to your Morningstar controller. Such functions are typically mapped to CC messages so you just need to set up each switch on your Morningstar controller to send a unique CC message (ie different CC numbers). We explain it in this video:

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This is very cool! MC is so deep…