MC3 and Eventide H9

Hey guys:
My MC3 is programmed to the H9 and everything is working great except 1 thing. the MC3 only triggers the Performance Switch “Middle Footswitch” correctly for the delay patches. so in the delays the middle switch is a repeat lock and that is ok most of the time but if its on another patch like a leslie patch. the pedal will jump to one of the functions (fast,slow,brake) but wont scroll through the functions like it does if im using an aux switch. thats my current workaround .

I use the performance switch for learn on my harmony patch. Unfortunately I have to set up hold for on & long hold for off. I think it’s better to use in aux switch to control the performance on the H9. Do you know about the OX9?

Hey John. That’s what I’m doing now. I have a single button aux pedal and expression pedal. I was thinking the MC3 would do the trick. I’m sure they crew at Morningstar will figure out that situation eventually

Can you share a screenshot to show how you have it set up? I’ve not used my H9 for a while - will explore possibility of adding this if useful

Will do. I can’t til tomorrow but ill get some to you