MC3 and Command Center not working

Hey all,
Here’s the problem:
I’ve set one of my switches (Switch C currently) to function as Footswitch 4 for my HX Stomp.

This function DOES work when I assign it to an actual effect: such as such as effect bypass or toggling between the min and max values of a given parameter.

However, this function is not working when I assign FS4 to something in Command Center. Some examples of what I’m encountering include:

Hotkey: I’ve set the hotkey to spacebar to pause YT when practicing, but when I step on on the FS it basically has the spacebar tapping on and off consecutively at a rapid rate (regardless of whether it’s set set latching or momentary).

Looper: It can perform an assigned function once, after that it stops working.

Now, using the MC3 in conjuction with Comand Center worked fine with the 2.9 firmware version of HX stomp, so I’m guessing something has changed with the update.

Any recommendations?

I have a TRS split cable connecting Dunlop X mini volume control and a single foot switch on the Stomp. I put the FS4 function to toggle Exp from my MC6 and then I use FS5 from a separate switch. Very handy for me. That would save you a switch on the MC3 and might be more reliable than the midi controlled FS. Just a thought! Not sure if it helps.