MC3/6/8 v3.11.1 Firmware Release

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Incoming PC number to change bank does not respect custom bank sequence when it is enabled
  • Fixed %BP placeholder does not refresh when incoming MIDI clock BPM changes. Currently, a refresh is only triggered when a switch is pressed.
  • Fixed Using a Trigger Message message type to engage a Utility Manage Preset Scroll message type will hang the controller
  • Fixed Incoming PC number that is more than the number of banks available changes Bank to 1.
  • Fixed Preset message scroll display bug
  • Fixed Exp read bug when switch is held down
  • Fixed Bug in MC8 which prevents MC8 from communicating with editor via WIDI Jack

New features

  1. Preset rename message type

    • Temporarily rename your preset short name (up to 4 characters only). This allows you to display more dynamic information about the state of your preset. For example, if you have a Release action set to send a CC message to bypass your pedal, and Long Press to engage your pedal, you can add a Preset Rename message type for each action to display Byps and Enge.
    • This will work for message scroll as well, where you can add a Preset Name message type after each message and then set the controller to scroll through 2 messages. The example below sends PC#4, PC#5 and PC#6 and also displays PC4, PC5 and PC6.
  2. Add Preset options for Omniport Fixed Switch Custom setting.

  • Trigger selected presets with your aux switch

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