MC3/6/8 v3.11.0 Beta Firmware


For use with the beta editor:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Incoming PC number to change bank does not respect custom bank sequence when it is enabled
  • Fixed %BP placeholder does not refresh when incoming MIDI clock BPM changes. Currently, a refresh is only triggered when a switch is pressed.
  • Fixed Using a Trigger Message message type to engage a Utility Manage Preset Scroll message type will hang the controller
  • Fixed Incoming PC number that is more than the number of banks available changes Bank to 1.
  • Fixed Preset message scroll display bug
  • Fixed Exp read bug when switch is held down
  • Fixed Bug in MC8 which prevents MC8 from communicating with editor via WIDI Jack

New features

  1. Preset rename message type

    • Temporarily rename your preset short name (up to 4 characters only). This allows you to display more dynamic information about the state of your preset. For example, if you have a Release action set to send a CC message to bypass your pedal, and Long Press to engage your pedal, you can add a Preset Rename message type for each action to display Byps and Enge.
    • This will work for message scroll as well, where you can add a Preset Name message type after each message and then set the controller to scroll through 2 messages. The example below sends PC#4, PC#5 and PC#6 and also displays PC4, PC5 and PC6.
  2. Add Preset options for Omniport Fixed Switch Custom setting.

  • Trigger selected presets with your aux switch



2022-12-12_MC3_Firmware_v_3_11_0.hex (554.8 KB)


2022-12-12_MC6MKII_Firmware_v_3_11_0.hex (593.3 KB)


2022-12-12_MC8_Firmware_v_3_11_0.hex (573.2 KB)


This is phenomenal @james!

  • Preset renaming is a complete game-changer for usability.
  • Fixed Switch Custom preset triggering has been my most sought after feature for my MC6.

Editor looks great too!

What are the chances we’ll see a Fixed Switch Custom option to Bank Jump added anytime soon?

Good morning friends ! This new preset rename function is sensational! one thing I still haven’t managed to do is go back to my short name again!

Great work!
For some reason Scroll 0 does not work for me with this version.
Scroll 1 works as expected.

@Shayshez - try going into global settings and saving the counters again (no need to make changes) and restart controller. That might make it work again… be useful if you could report your findings!


That solved the problem, thanks!

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Should be ok. we’re looking into it

We overlooked this function - possible we’ll add a setting within the message type to allow the preset to revert back to the original name


Great that the BPM now responds on incoming clock changes.
I just noticed on the editor though:
If I select a preset from the right, the commands in the centre don’t update from the previous preset until I do something like switch to edit bank, and then back to edit preset.
Is it just me?

Is this for the beta editor? Seems to work fine for me. Can you confirm if you are still facing the same issue after refreshing the editor?


Many thanks for the update. Is there a no keyboard version of this?


Yes there is - we’ll include that version in the next release, likely next week.

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Is the order of release for the editor beta → staging → release?

Actually its just “Staging” and “Production”, but we started using “Beta” in place of “Staging” because there’s sometimes confusion on what staging is.

So currently “Beta” and “Staging” are the same. We used to refer users to this URL ( to test the beta features but now we’ve created a new URL which points to the same editor for better clarity:

We’ll just start calling it Beta and Production/Live editor. In the future, we will just use staging for rapid updates before pushing them into beta.

Hope I’m not confusing anyone :grimacing:

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Beta and Prod/Live work for me.