MC3/6/8 screen material? Mine needs scuffs removed

So, I’ve been a bad boy and let my MC8 get scuffed up while traveling. I want to buff/polish the scratches out before putting on a screen protector. Does anyone know what material the top screen surface is made from? I don’t want to use the wrong compound or abrasive. Thanks!

Look up headlight polishing, I’m assuming it’s an acrylic
Most car polishing products will do the job.
Just don’t build up to much heat, avoid using anything thing mechanical

Polishing 101…
Start in the least important spot.
Tape off the surrounding area unless you are removing it from the unit.
Be patient

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Right on, thanks! I’m somewhat familiar with auto polish but it’s been a while so I’ll brush up on that.

soft cloth too, no paper towel.
Brasso works well too.
Most of us have some hide in that cupboard full of miscellaneous chemicals

We could sell you a replacement screen… but shipping is probably going to be many times the cost (est about USD18-20 to the USA via FedEx or DHL). Just drop us an email if you are still interested.

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That’s great to know, thanks! Even if shipping is most of the cost, that price range isn’t bad, if I decide I need to go that route. Thanks again!

If you can remove it from the pedal you could try the trick that I used on acrylic when I was installing car stereo systems. Tease it lightly with a torch, thereby slightly melting the material on the surface. I worked with thicker pieces, so be careful. You could quickly go too far. Proceed at your own risk.

I’m going to suppose that the LCD is going to be too sensitive for that. Thanks, though!