MC* - Full Set of Supported Characters

Is anyone able to list the full list of supported characters that can be displayed on (presumably all) MC* devices?

I’d love to have a better choice of arrow to use for going back besides just <


Not Working

You can refer to this under ASCII printable characters from 32-126:

I’ve used ‘>’ with some ‘-’ in front for an arrow like this ‘----->’

Thanks @james.

I actually spent some time experimenting by entering the full set of characters into a presets “Long Name”

Funily enough ~ (tilde) is rendered on the device as a → (right facing arrow) and \ (backslash) is rendered as ¥ (yen). Unfortunately there is no left facing arrow equivalent, which is specifically what I was looking for.

Extended ASCI characters aren’t supported (like you say) they’re just rendered as some random basic ASCI character.

A firmware update added arrows for left, down, up, and right: \l \d \u \r

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@quadstar good to know thank you :bowing_man:t3: