MC-6II - MIDI Press for Preset B also mistakenly presses Preset H

Version 3.7.3. If I have a Preset B that I press via MIDI CC:11:1, and while my MC-6ii is currently on Page 2, both Preset B and Preset H are pressed with that single MIDI command. It’s not an issue if I’m on Page 1 when the command comes in. There’s no linkage between B and H in the preset definition. I have to work around it by sending it 3 external commands CC:4 (Page Toggle), CC:11:1 and CC:4 again to put me back on Page 2 (it works for this single use case, obviously not a good work around in general).

I think the same thing also happens for all the related preset Page pairs (A to G, B to H, etc.), but I haven’t tested the fully.

Actually, I need to look at this some more. Preset H isn’t exactly executing, but it is Toggling (It is a Toggle preset). Very strange. If you want to see if you can duplicate it:

Preset B - Press Action of some kind.
Preset H - Toggle On, Press Action on Pos 1 and Pos 2.

Go to page 2 first and send in CC:11:1. If you have the same error, you’ll see Preset H Toggle, but the Press Action itself will not execute. If you stay on Page 1 when you send CC:11:1, Preset H is not effected.

In trying to work around my issue so that I can get back to creating this evening, I tried reorganizing so now I have Preset A as a Toggle with Press Action on Pos 1 and 2.

When I am on Page 1 and send in CC:10:1, works fine, Preset A toggles back and forth as expected.

When I am on Page 2 and send in CC:10:1, it seems to only Toggle once. Successive CC:10:1 will not continue to toggle.

I don’t know, it’s like some sort of wires are crossed depending on what Page you are on, related to the Toggle feature and Presses over MIDI.

Thanks for the feedback. I think I saw a bug there. Let me test the solution and will provide an update shortly

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