Mc 6 pro and 5 or 6 Strymon pedals using TRS

I’m looking to put together a Strymon only board.

Blue sky
Dig v2
El Capistan v2

My question is, what is the best cable set up for 5 pedals?

Use the 4 omniports? And then the 5 pin out to a TRS cable for the 5th pedal?

What if I added a 6 the Strymon pedal that utilizes TRS midi?

Thanks appreciate your responsiveness

You can use the omniports and midi for those 5. If you go to 6, it depends if you add another trs midi pedal.

I love my strymon conduit. Basically adds 4 trs ports to your set up.


Yes, the Strymon conduit would likely serve me well…good pt, then i could go up to 8 TRS pedals hmmmmm…got me thinking now haha

Ominiports and Midi clock can be a little weird (I think due to the fact that strymon pedals lack an optical isolator?) - I’ve had the midi clock on my el cap bug out on me handful of times mid set before buying a conduit.

If you’re planning on using midi clock for the DIG and el cap I’d definitely recommend getting the conduit even if you could technically do it with omniport and the din5 midi

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