MC-6 Mapping incoming CC out to other devices

I found myself today wishing my MC-6 could pick up an incoming CC message (say, CC102 from a Beatbuddy, sent to the MC-6 channel) and transfer this action to sending another specific CC message to, say, my Voicelive 3.

Is this possible under the current statu quo or, if not, can this be made possible via a firmware update? Is there an alternative way to do this?

The place I looked for this on the MSEditor was in the “Edit Bank Settings” page, under “Events”, sort of like “On receiving CC (X)”, then “Type”: Send CC (Y) to Channel (Z)


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Hi @LuisLugo. That CC102 signals that a song goes to next part. I don’t have a voicelive3 but I have RC-500 and Looperboard loopers and I would like them to start a new track recording/playing a when CC102 arrives. The same apply to changing effects for different song parts. I even asked Boss and Headrush for that feature but they aren’t as interactive as James in Morningstar. So, I’m with you, hopping Morningstar will look into this in the future.

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Thank you for your input! I think this option opens many great possibilities!

Fingers crossed!
PS: By the way, I think @james does an amazing job!


Not possible in the current firmware.

Sounds like a MIDI Event processor, but the MC6 already has its own MIDI implementation (for example CC#0 is bank down). For a MIDI Event processor, you’d want to be able to map any CC input to a CC output?

We MIGHT possibly implement this - but very like up to a certain limit (ability to map up to 16 or 32 CC messages only).

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Hi @james. Even16 messages would be great to make equipment from different manufacturers compatible thru MCXX.

Hello @James.

My previous post had some mistakes, so I deleted it.
Anyway, bearing in mind the conflict that may arise regarding handling incoming CC messages that correspond to the MCX internal MIDI implementation, would something like what I depicted in the attached picture work?


I changed the title to something more general (“Relaying” was the wrong word and “Voicelive 3” could deter interest for some users, I hope that’s alright.


I think it will be a setting in Controller Settings, since the mapping is global.

We’ll just let the user map 16 (or 32) CC number and channel to an outgoing CC Number and channel. I don’t think the CC value needs to be mapped, and can pass through as is?


Yes, @james , whatever you think works best with your devices!

And I don’t think a ‘CC pass through’ option should be necessary since you could always use the mapping option to replicate the same incoming CC message, correct?

Thanks a lot for considering this!


My “Rerouting” (Remapping?) option findings.

I’ll use an Onsong/Beatbuddy (BB)/Voicelive-3 context to exemplify my findings with the rerouting option in FW 3.9 (+stage editor) with my MC-6 MK2.

CC113 tells the BB to execute a “Transition” beat after which the BB plays the following (or a specific) part. The BB sends a CC102 (“Next part”) instruction after the Transition is carried out.


  1. Both the MC-6 MKii and Onsong report receiving CC113 from the Beatbuddy but only Onsong reports receiving CC102. What could be preventing the MC-6 to receive the latter?

  2. Rerouting option:
    I tried with a few CC instructions sent by the BB and reported by Onsong and by the MC-6 (like CC113) to pass MIDI CC instructions to the Voicelive 3 that I know the MC-6 can execute via a switch, but nothing happened. Note: I tried the “Use original” option both as On and Off, just in case.

*Related question: There is no “value” field for the destination CC. Shouldn’t it be necessary to specify a value so that the destination device knows if, for instance, the message sent carries an “On” or an “Off” instruction?

My MIDI configuration, for additional context:


There’s no reason why MC6 will not process the CC102 message if it is indeed receiving it though - I just tested by sending a CC102 and then a CC113 message to the MC6 and it appears in the MIDI monitor (with Cross MIDI Thru turned on). How are you verifying that the MC6 is not receiving the message?

Based on your diagram, the messages generated by the BB goes to the QuadraThu, and then to the BT01 MIDI IN. Does the BT01 send the MIDI message to OnSong first, and then OnSong sends it back to the MC6?

The value is not mapped because it will use whatever value from the incoming MIDI message. So if you are mapping a CC102 message to a CC5 message on a specific channel, an incoming CC102 message with value 50 (for example) on that channel will be mapped to CC5 Value 50. Same logic goes for the Note velocity. Not sure if its necessary to remap the value?

The “Send Original” determines whether to forward the original message out via MIDI Thru if the original message has already been mapped.

Thank you for your prompt reply, @james.

The answers to your questions:

-“How are you verifying that the MC6 is not receiving the message?”
By means of the Stage Editor MIDI monitor window. C113 and other CCs show up but not CC102.

-“Does the BT01 send the MIDI message to ​OnSong first, and then OnSong sends it back to the MC6?”
I think so, because the iPad and Onsong are the only things connected (via Bluetooth) to the MD-BT01. But I don’t think that matters because, like I said, the CC113 sent by the BB shows on the Onsong “Listen for MIDI messages” window as well as on the Stage Editor MIDI monitor window - so, it’s passing Thru’, using the exact same MIDI configuration, but CC102 only shows on Onsong.
There’s something odd, though: I have the BB MIDI Out channel set to the MC-6 MIDI In channel but Onsong reports the “MC-6” by name ONLY in relation to CC102… May be Onsong is the bottle neck but I have no idea why this particular CC would cause a different behaviour. I’ll investigate more today.

-“Not sure if its necessary to remap the value?”
I think it is quite necessary for CC messages! ​
Rerouting the incoming CC message values “as is” could be useless to achieve what we want the destination device to do, unless we control the value sent. And having the capability to specify the value of the rerouted CC opens up many more posibilities. I have not used MIDI Notes yet but this could also apply for them.

A couple of additional comments:
-“The “Send Original” determines whether to forward the original message out via MIDI Thru if the original message has already been mapped.”
I see. The word “original” confused me. So, if this option is “On”, both the “original” and “mapped” CCs/Notes are sent, correct?

Last but not least, when I wrote my first post about remapping incoming CCs, I mentioned that I looked for this option under the Edit Bank settings, because I wouldn’t want the MC-6 to always do a specific remapping but only when a specific Bank is selected (I have dedicated Banks for certain tricky songs). Having this as a global setting would mean that I would have to manually change it every time I need to… Unless I can program a switch for that :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ll report back if/when I find the culprit on the CC102 case.


@james, long story short, I was mistaken in believing that Onsong was passing thru’ MIDI signals to the MC-6 via the MD-BT01.

I did try the rerouting capabilities sending messages lile the CC102, etc, directly from Onsong to my MC-6 and they were rerouted correctly to my other devices. I’m now looking at MIDI connecting the BB to the MC-6 via USB to be able to use the rerouting.

But I’d now like to ask you how I can use Notes rather than CC messages because I think that this way I can have greater control over when to send MIDI instructions to my VL3 and GR55 from the BB, if I insert the proper notes on specific BB Beats/Parts (like transitions, etc)
I don’t understand what the integer values presented as “Note” values mean.

Much appreciated!

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Thanks a lot, @celticelk!


Thanks for the feedback!

I’ll need to look more into how this will be used.

For the event processor, it has to be on the global level (not bank), so yes, maybe a message type to manage the event processor is required

Hello @james.

Thank you for your response.

Here’s my next question:
Can the Event Processor mix and match MIDI instructions? Meaning, incoming Notes, say, remapped to CCs, PCs, etc, and vice-versa?

Thanks you.

I had a feeling that request will come up eventually. We’ll check the feasibility.



I just recently got the MC-6 and intended to use it to control program change on multiple hardware synths. I have my midi controller connected to the MC-6 (midi in). They work together well when using 1 synth (MC-6 for program change and midi controller for playing, with the midi msg passing thru).

When I tried working with multiple synths, then an issue arisen. Since I need to set the synths in different channels for them to receive the correct program change msg from MC-6, but my midi controller can only send midi msg to 1 channel, it seems impossible to press the MC-6 once and continue playing on another synth. This is what I wanted to accomplish when I got the MC-6.

I searched the forum and this topic seems most related to the scenario I am facing. I am hoping there is a midi channel mapping function so I can program a button to do things like “program change on CH2” and “map CH1 midi msg to CH2” at once.

Sorry LuisLugo if I have derailed your discussion, but it looks like a problem that can be solved with the same solution.


Hi @jthank.

Unfortunately, the Event Processor (or mapping/rerouting) feature that has been implemented in the 3.9 beta FW is a Global one and what you are describing (if I understood you correctly) is a Preset-based feature, which -I get the impression from @james’ earlier comments- it’s not possible to do.

He’ll probably reply when he has the chance.