MC-6 displays gobbledygook

I think I changed out one of the midi outs on my morningstar midi box to change ring/tip for a chase bliss pedal (I think i did it right?).

Soon after making this change my mc-6 display shows wingding font or something.

Oddly, if I push buttons to navigate to something I remember, it still functions.
The weird font changes too.

Any ideas?

Does restarting the controller help or does it always boot up with this issue? Don’t think it will be related to the MIDI BOX.

Happens every time I’ve rebooted it. And as I push buttons the symbols change. Otherwise it seems functional. Should I try unplugging the Chase Bliss Pedal, see if it fixes it? I also believe I did something wrong with the wiring in the Midi Box because the Thermae doesn’t receive my tap tempo off of my omniport 3-button extension like my other pedals do.

Thanks for your quick reply, James. You guys are great.

You can try removing the MIDI Box and see if that helps. If not, it’s likely a connection issue between the LCD and the board, which might require removing the board to reseat the ribbon cable connecting the LCd and board.

Ok, so my mc-6 is displaying correctly now. I think it was from removing the midi box but I’m honestly not sure because it kept working after I plugged it back in.

Could you confirm in the picture that I made the appropriate adjustment to my midi box for channel 4 to work with my chase bliss Thermae?

I took off the one pin (switch?) and shifted the other over.

Never mind. I finally got it to work. The picture I sent was correct.

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