MC-3 TRS Midi Out Ports/Fractal FM9

Hi guys

I hope you are all well. I’m new to the Morningstar products and really liking my MC3 so far.

Anyway this is probably really simple answer but I just wanted to check before I buy the midi adapter and midi cable.

I’m using the normal 5 pin midi out on the MC3 to the Midi in on my FM9, all works great. I’m just having some issues fitting the midi and power cables when it’s all on my board. I’m using it vertically instead of horizontally and its right on the edge of my Temple board and a standard midi jack is hitting the handle on the board and it won’t fit.

I’ve tried using a Rockboard flat midi cable and it basically gets in way of the power jack for the MC-3 and if I swap ends it fits the MC3 but blocks the USB in on the FM9.

If I was to use the Morningstar midi cable adapter so the 3.5mm to midi 5 pin din would that still work the same way the normal midi 5 pin port does?

Many thanks


Not really answering your question, but I recommend ‘One Control’ midi cables. Almost as low profile as the Rockboard cables but don’t cover neighbouring outputs, and you can adjust the direction of the cable :slight_smile:

Yes, a 3.5 to midi adaptor should work fine. TRS Midi out is the same as 5 PIN Midi (but can not support phantom power). There are competing “standards” for which conductors of the TRS are used for what (but Morningstar lets you configure this … and this won’t matter in your use case.)

Some devices with TRS midi inputs tend to skip the opto isolation which is a critical part of the midi spec.

This cable is pretty low profile as are the ones that come with Widi devices.

The Rockboard Flax (not Flat) cable is pretty low profile (if you remove the strain relief)

The 5 pin midi (to 2.5mm) adaptors that come with WIDI devices are very low profile. Wondering why they aren’t made as 5-pin to 5-pin versions.

Thanks guys,

Appreciate the quick response! That’s a big help. I’ve ordered the midi adapter and a 1m midi cable from Thorpy Fx’s over here in the UK. There was unfortunately a postal strike over here the last couple of days so they might take time to turn up.

Is there anything I need to change in the editor or do the TRS midi outs work when just plugged in? I’m only using the MC-3 to go preset up, preset down and also to toggle the tuner on and off on the FM9 so nothing major.

Thanks again


In the editor, go General Config then Expression Ports. Set the relevant port as required using the drop-down and save / restart controller.

Thank you, I’ll give it a go when my cables finally turn up this week! Another postal strike this week on wed and thurs. What a nightmare!