May well be a way to replace my G2

OK so I am using a G2 and just got my MC8, the more I go the more I realize how powerful the MC8 is and while G2 is great at switching and tone preserving it really is lacking at MIDI support, so weak.
Being as big as it is, I am genuinely wondering if I could replace it with an ML5… or several ML5s and that is my question, would my MC8 be capable of dealing with several “chained” ML5s ?
Otherwise, how do you use your G2s with your MS MIDI controller part from switch buttons remotely which seems pretty dumb for such and expensive piece of kit that the G2 is ?

Thank you

I had a Boss ES-8 in my setup at one time and realized I was controlling the ES-8 with my MC8 which seemed kind of redundant in my case. Only 3 of my pedals don’t have midi switching capabilities, so I bought a Voodoo Lab Hex (ML5 is just as good) and run those pedals in a rack remotely. The only ones I kept on my footboard are the ones that I need to have a view of what presets they are currently on.
When you get to a threshold of being able to switch pedals remotely via midi more efficiently than with a loop switcher then you can step back and see if something like the G2 is really the best way to go. I invested in some high quality Mogami cables for my runs to and from the effects loop in my Kemper and it negated most of my signal loss.

I am a home player and a big nerd at fiddling with things thus the G2 which I admit I use just to turn pedals inline or offline using stompbox mode which is pretty lame for what it’s worth. I wonder how I would deal with my dual amp setup (Kemper + tube combo) without it though.
That may well be the best way for me to go if I find an easy solution.
I still need to know if one can “daisy chain” two or more ML5s though.
My patch cable are DIY, soldered from nice components so that wouldn’t me a problem for me do adapt my setup.

Let’s put some more thoughts in it for a few days.

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Don’t have an ML5 but I’m thinking of getting one to switch my analog pedals (mostly drives) before my time-based effects that I control via the MC8.

I thought of the same thing, chaining two ML5 units and I don’t see a problem with it. You would only need to connect them so that the output of unit one goes to the input of unit two; the same thing applies for MIDI.

The hassle with this kind of setup is that you would need to send independent CC messages to each unit through their own MIDI channel.

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