Marshall DSL40 with MC8

Hey everyone,
I have setup my Marshall DSL40 for midi switching with the MC8. Connected via 5-pin Midi cable.
Each channel keeps it’s Master Volume setting when switching, so that’s great for combining the various channels and different volume levels.

Program Change for the channels:
PC0 = Classic Gain Green
PC1 = Classic Gain Red
PC2 = Ultra Gain Green
PC3 = Ultra Gain Red

Master Volume - setup on two separate footswitches:
CC#14 / CC Val 0 = Master Vol1 (Green)
CC#14 / CC Val 1 = Master Vol2 (Red)

Effects Loop On/Of - setup on one footswitch with ‘Toggle Mode’ On
CC#13 / CC1 Val 0 = Loop Off (Pos: 1)
CC#13 / CC1 Val 1 = Loop On (Pos: 2)

What are your buttons set to “press” or release ? I have really struggled to get my MC8 to co trol my dsl40