Mark II vs Mark I MC6

New to the product, can anyone tell me whether the MC6 Mark 2 vs 1 can be identified from the outside without powering up the unit ?

Bonus question: does the MC8 have an analogous version II or is there just the one version?

thank you

The differences between the MC6 mk1 and mk2 are explained here: The rear ports are laid out differently. That’s how you can easily tell.

There are even more performance differences now as we added more features/improvements to the mk2 over the years. The MC6 Mk1 was discontinued more than 4 years ago. Due to its processor and memory limitations, it cannot accommodate the new features of the current lineup.

​There is no mk2 version of the MC3 and MC8. They were actually released later than the MC6 mk2. There is only a mk2 version of the MC6 because there used to be an MC6 mk1.

Thanks for the explanation. BTW there is no graphic on that link so visually one has to search the web to discern the physical differences on the back of the unit…which i finally believe i have figured out. You might want to add a rear photo on that link.

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