Map part of expression pedal range rather than entire pedal range when using CC message

At the moment the CC message for an expression pedal is a linear or non-linear value mapped to the entire expression pedal’s range. So, at exp=0% it’s the min value and at exp=100% it’s the max.

Would it be possible to set start and end points on the expression pedal for the mapping? So rather than having the minimum value at exp=0%, you’d have the minimum value for exp<=[SOME VALUE] and similarly the maximum value at exp>=[SOME OTHER VALUE] rather than at exactly exp=100%

Why do this? Well, with a single output CC it makes no sense, but suppose you have multiple output CCs to one or more pedals. With this you could, for example, have the first half of the pedal travel fade in reverb, then the second half hold the reverb at max and start adding delay. It would allow you to use the expression pedal to control the intensity of an overall effect (across multiple output CCs) in a staged way, bringing in different effects or parameter changes as you move the pedal rather than forcing all of them to morph at the same rate across the entire pedal sweep. Think about the options of, say, bringing in an overdrive or bit crusher just for the last 10% of the pedal travel so your sound is completely clean up to then (but increasingly effected by something else) and then you push that last little bit on the pedal and kick in your dirt.

This would require two additional fields in the editor, and the logic in the firmware to map the values differently, but it shouldn’t be too complex to implement. The current implementation is a strict subset of this as well, so there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues with adding this (default pedal value for the start is 0 and end is 100).


100% agree!!

Any word if this is being implemented? @tomoinn

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Red Panda Raster V2 lets you map this per preset on the pedal itself. Maybe there is others?

I think this would open up really amazing possibilities for the pedals… I really hope it could be implemented!