Map Boss RC 505 to MC6 mk2

How do I map the MC6 Mk2 to each track on the Boss 505?
CC Info if possible.
track 1 to preset A rec/overdub
track 2 to preset B rec/overdub

Thank you for your help in advance.

Boss is a little weird with Midi.
I don’t have the 505 (i use the RC500) but looking at the manual it works the same. Rather than having a set CC# for each target, you have 16 “Assigns”. You manually program in the boss which assign does what and what cc# triggers it.
The rest of the boss loopers have less Assigns so its cool to see they up’d that on this one. Having only 8 midi targetable parameters can be a little limiting.

Time savers to note:
Certain targets you’ll need to send a value of 127 and a value of 0 for the boss to see it. (two messages)
Certain Targets don’t do what you’d think : for instance Trk1 stop changes how the track stops (stop when pressed vs stop at end of loop) took me some trial and error

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