Manually calling Set Toggle action type double fires

When manually toggling a preset with the Set Toggle action type, it no longer toggles the preset like it should. It seems to be triggering both actions for position 1 and 2. This is in the latest firmware v3.12.3 with the latest editor.

Tested this on v3.11.2 and the behaviour is the same.

The logic is that when Set Toggle executes, it toggles the preset immediately (while the messages are still in process on executing sequentially). So, in your screenshot, if the preset is on toggle position1, Msg2 will immediately engage the preset and change it to Position 2, and then Msg3 will execute (because Msg3 engages in Pos2) which puts the Preset back into Position1.

For scenarios like this, I’d recommend just using the Toggle Preset message type and have it execute in both positions, which will give the expected result.

Ah okay, that makes sense. For some reason I thought I had it working like this before, but I guess it never actually worked. Thanks for the quick response!