Manage Preset Scroll -> Set direction forward/backward

I would like to request a new feature for the utility option “Manage Preset Scroll”:

  • Set scroll direction forward
  • Set scroll direction backward

(I guess it would be to much expectation, but setting the scroll direction to forward or backward for another Preset would be a nice feature, too.)

What do I need this for?
I want to control my Roland AX Edge keytar with an MC8. The keytar has 7 states of octave shifting: -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3. That means I can shift the keyboard up and down for max 3 octaves. I tried to show this in the attached state machine:

I came quite close to my desired behaviour with the following Preset:

I would not use the hardware button of Preset A to scroll through the messages but would use 2 separate presets:

The problem for now is, that when pressing Button B or C, I just toggle the scroll direction. But I can not know which direction Preset A is currently configured with. That is why I need the new feature I requested in my introducing sentence.

Please let me know, if you accept that request or if you have an idea, how to solve my problem in a different way.

There is the Preset Utility message type that allows you to manage the preset scroll feature, for that preset the message is in.

Here are the options:

If you want to use a different preset to execute this function for another preset, you’ll need to use a “Trigger message” message type in your other preset.

For example. if you are scrolling through messages in Preset A, and have this in Message 8:

And you want to reverse the scroll direction in Preset B, then you’ll need to use this in Preset B:

There is a bug in the current firmware that causes the controller to hang when you use a Trigger Message to execute a Utility Manage Preset Scroll message type but that is fixed in the current beta firmware available here: MC3/6/8 v3.11.0 Beta Firmware

Yes, I was the one reporting the controller-hang-bug :wink: And it was this feature I wanted to implement when I found it.
So thanks for your input and I guess writing down ones problem mostly brings one closer to the solution.
I think I misunderstood the “Reverse Direction Once And Execute” option (English is not my first language). This provides the functionality I need.

(Just to clarify why I would like to be able to change the scroll feature of another Preset without “Trigger message”: It just would save one Message of the scrolling Preset. As you can see in my attached Preset A, I would need one more Msg, if I wanted to use the newly introduced “Preset rename” message type to give all the 7 states of the state machine a meaningful name. But this would just be nice to have)

OK, now I am very close to my target of the state machine. But I am still facing 2 problems - which I am not sure if they are features or bugs…
Here is what I have:

Problem 1:
When message scroll of Preset A points to Msg1 and I press Button B , the message scroll then points to Msg7. Msg8 seems to be omitted as it should set the message scroll to Msg1. This looks like a bug to me.

Problem 2 (edited):
When I press button B for the first time the Preset scroll of Message a triggers correctly but the Message Scroll Number in the display does not change. An offset between actual and displayed scroll number is created. The next times I press button B again, each time the scroll number in the display is decreased by 1 - but the offset remains.

Is there a way for a second preset to advance the scroll position of another preset … without executing it.

Idea is to use one button to select one of many messages, and then send it by pressing the original button (preferably without advancing the scroll).

Hey James, happy new year!
It would be nice if you could find some time to have a look at my last post.

Sorry, I missed this. I did test this last week and yes, it’s a bug where it does not go to the last message on reverse. I’ll need more time to look into this and the second issue. You could possibly try just adding a dummy last message (i.e. Release with no message type) at the back and see if it helps.

I’m finally coming back to this topic…

  1. Thanks James, the Workaround with a dummy last message works. Although it would be nice if you could fix this, as this is clearly a bug.

  2. I found another bug:
    2.1) My Bank 30 Preset J contains a “Trigger Message” to fire Message 11 of Preset I.

2.2) My Bank 1 Preset S contains a “Engage Preset” to engage Preset J of Bank 30.

The Midi Monitor shows that Preset 2.1) triggers Preset 2.2), but Preset 2.2) does not start its own task of triggering Preset I.

  1. When Copying Presets from one bank to another and then creating a preset that engages the copied preset, the preset name will always be “Empty” as you can see in picture 2.2).

Definitely, we’ll look into it.

There are a few message types that cannot be triggered remotely i.e. engage Preset and this is one of them. Others are Bank up/down, Bank Change Mode and Toggle Page. We’ll need to update the manual with this information.

We’ll check this out, likely after pasting, the names are not yet updated in the index in the editor.

Are you sure you’re not mixing up something?
The following is working for me: Bank 1 Preset A engages Preset B of Bank 30 which engages Preset C of Bank 30.
So “engage preset” seems not to be the problem.
The problem in my last post’s example is the “trigger Message” message type that refuses to be called remotely. Are you sure there is no way to fix this?

No. The engage preset is not the problem. The limitation for the Trigger Messages function is that it cannot be called remotely, which means you cannot, for example, use Preset A to trigger Preset B and use the Trigger messages function to trigger specific messages in Preset C. It’ll only work if you use the Trigger messages function from Preset A.

No, but the feature is as such for the current firmware. We can look into enhancing this in future updates.

Hi there!
Looks like I’m having the same kind of problem here. The last message of the Release stack looks somehow not taken into account when reversing direction. I tried the dummy message trick but it still didn’t work out.
In my case, I scroll through stacks of 3 messages each (not Trigger messages). I made a series of 3 steps, each one including 1 CC message, 1 strip colour change, 1 preset rename. When I reverse the direction, the 3 different messages per step get mixed up. When I reverse the direction again to forward, it goes back to normal after a bit of cycling.
Any ideas?