Malfunctions MC8 and Lehle 1@3

Hey everyone,
I had a problem with my Lehle 1@3 switch, controlled by my MC8 today. Biggest problem: It is not repeatable. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not.

Normally the Lehle is turned on all the time. It is connected via Midi to control it in rehearsals or emergency cases.

Today it turned off, when I pressed F on the MC8. In to different Banks with different Messages on F. None of the messages are adressed to the Lehle in any way. And like I mentioned already: It does not happen everytime I press F. But that it is perfectly in time with a Press, when it happens, makes me curious.

Do you see sth obvious, I don‘t see? For me it looks like a bad MIDI signal, that is misinterpreted by the Lehle.

One new thing is, that I am sending constant Midi Clock.

Looking forward to your help!

P.S.: I am in contact with Lehle support also. I let you know, when they have an idea!

If it is random and intermittent, more often than not it is an issue with the cable. Have you tried using a different MIDI cable?

It just happened twice today. Maybe the cable is starting to die. I will check it also!