Mac/ MC6/Firmware/ HELP

Total Newb,
Just got new MC6 to control Headrush GB.
Im able to upload the Firmware Updater but Mac says I don’t have an App in my region/country to download/open the MC6 Firmware???

Im I missing a step or something?
MS video vaguely skips the complete process in the video.

Is there anyone out there just like me??

can you share a screenshot of that error message on mac? have never seen it before

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I also get this msg in Red when I’m trying to open the Updater

To clarify, you’re not supposed to open the hex file directly.

You need to open the Firmware Updater app first, then click on upload. A dialog box will appear to allow you to select that hex file that you downloaded. The process is documented here: How to Update your Morningstar Controller Firmware - YouTube

Which OSX version are you using?

when I attempt to open the Ms Hex it appears greyed out and unavailable to open in Binary I get that error msg when I choose All Files. My OSX is Big Sur

That’s because you need to navigate to your Downloads folder (I’m assuming you downloaded the .hex file there?)

ok so yes I was doing the Updater incorrectly. However the same msg of no App Available for the MC6 firmware, I read in the Notes that I may need to bypass my Usb hub and go direct to laptop, I’m waiting for cable to arrive today/tomorrow to see if that’s potentially what’s missing.

Ok so I’m now able to access MS editor and can change the names on FS-A, I believe I’m entering the proper CC codes etc, but no communication between Gigboard and MS, been trying to find info online. lol all I want to to is to select Next and Previous with my feet and use the screen of GB with my hands . It almost seems easier to sell 500,000 records jk

OK , so I’m close to figuring this out, you’ve been a great help. I’m obviously a bit out of my comfort zone. I’ve got it communicating atm I just need to dial in the on/offs and stuff, trail by fire