Mac DAW app - in Focus

Hello All. Is there a message (MC8 in my case) that can instruct my Mac to put my DAW in focus ? By focus I mean the app that is currently receiving clicks. Kind regards Nils

if there is a keyboard shortcut, the MIDI Controller should be capable of sending it! Just set the message type to “Keystroke” and you’ll have the option of adding on up to two modifiers ( Shift, Ctrl, etc. ) and two keystrokes ( A, 4, F1, SPACE, etc. )

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Thanks a lot. I am aware of this, My question is more related to the Mac itself … I am searching for a way to get the Morningstar controller to bring the Logic DAW to the front, so It can accept messages. Hope this clarifies my question.

It doesn’t seem like there is anything built into Mac by default for this, however it seems that you could use AppleScripts to define keyboard shortcuts as described here:

Then once you have that HotKey set, simply program the MC8 to send that keyboard shortcut

If that doesn’t work, it seems that Alfred is also a viable productivity application that may be an option to solving your problem.

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Thanks a lot. I will give it a try, and report back :slight_smile: Cheers !!

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You can definitely achieve this from MIDI via Keyboard Maestro (paid app), i went thru a period of trying my MidiFighter as an app switcher using KM before deciding that it wasn’t worth it and mapping other keyboard combos for it. So it definitely can work.
And very possibly it can be done for free from Shortcuts too.


100% recommend Keyboard Maestro for this particular usage scenario, too. You can easily bring any app to focus, or move to the background.

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