M6 MKII Feature Request - harder Toggle save

I wish the toggle memory would save harder. Instead of just saving display state on Bank change, it should also save the display state per switch when there are multiple toggle switches on the same bank.
It would also be useful to have it save on Page toggle.

This unit is awesome! Thanks.


Not sure if I understood 100% - but if you are referring to toggling state on multiple presets within the same bank, it already does this. That means, at any one point, all 6 preset names (on the MC6) can be blinking.

That’s good news. Maybe there’s a setting I missed. Toggle Lock IS on.
I am only allowed one preset blinking per Bank. Any button press deactivates a blinking toggle display. Luckily its only the display that deactivates…
My workaround is to double-tap to get an OFF.

Can you share a screenshot of your preset and bank settings on the editor? I got a feeling you have the Clear Preset Toggle function turned on on your Bank settings. That function resets the toggle for all the presets in the bank except the last engaged preset.

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Oh gosh. I just found that option and it was selected.
I knew it was something simple. Thank you james.

(The M6 plus a MIDIHUB is crazy awesome.)

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