LVX won't allow MIDI clock setting without having Tap Glide set to On

Alright, I have checked it all.
Not in editor mode, MIDI clock only sends appropriately either when the Tap Glide is set to on, (Which sounds terrible switching between delay speeds as the glide is incredibly present and distracting) OR when the midi clock tap dialogue is set to Yes, and I can start the midi clock by pressing start. Unfortunately this just takes too long to switch to a different delay mid song. I thought maybe I could change it with the bank change so that upon the action of entering the bank the MIDI clock changes per song’s bpm, but some of the Blocks need to have multiple BPMs (Like double time BPM for dotted eighth delay.) I am so confused and unsure of what I have done incorrectly. Everything is updated to the newest firmware and newest editor. I just want to be able to send MIDI clock appropriately without hearing glide and with a single tap. I have messed around with stopping the midi clock upon entering banks too to get a new clock sent, but that has just overcomplicated things.

Adding a MIDI clock stop command on “release” seems to work for some, but my dotted eighth BPM needs to be set to 140 and it keeps just randomly setting to 110BPM. I don’t understand what I did wrong yet. I will update if I find it. If anybody has any suggestions in the meantime, I will happily accept!

EDIT: I have discovered accidentally that if you do a longer press of the pedal that it will send the correct midi clock, but it works about every 3 out of 5 times. Apparently the controller is expecting the time between press and release to be longer than what I am doing. I am going to try adjusting the controller switch sensitivity as the manual says there is less time between action and sending messages with higher sensitivity. I will report back.

EDIT2: No dice on the sensitivity. Not sure why it’s doing this. I also checked the other presets and I can’t tell if it’s cutting out the midi clock too quickly or what. The LVX will not playback delay repeats if its constantly receiving MIDI clock as it will adjust the playback speed per tap. I have tried this with both MIDI Clock persist on and off.

EDIT3: Long pressing is the only way to get the MIDI clock to send. I called Meris and Logan in their Tech Support dept helped me try to navigate a few things. Didn’t help that I hadn’t updated the LVX firmware, but even after updating it still struggles to see MIDI Clock from what I can see.


I overcomplicated everything. It is fixed. New firmware for LVX and just sending a simple MIDI clock without a stop command and also toggling on MIDI Clock Persist. Logan from Meris told me that the new Firmware for the LVX made it better at listening to MIDI Clock, BUT you have to go into the globals menu and tell it to “Listen” for MIDI Clock as it is set to Ignore from the upload. You also have to make sure that the tap tempo is set to Global and not to Preset. BPM works now. Thanks for coming to my TED talk with myself.