Loops mis-firing?


Im new to the ML5.

Im controlling it with a RJM Mastermind GT.

Ive set up 5 program changes (which will each turn on loops 1-5) which I will recall in songs.

In setting up each pc, Im having alot of irregularities with getting the loops to stay where they are ment to.

PC 4 and 5 seem to be switching on loops D and E respectively. (thats good)

but for the loops A B and C , when I switch to PC 1 2 and 3, the lights swtich in for a split second and then turn off, with no loop engaged.

When i cycle thru the PC 1 -5 , the “learn button” will flash off and on, to signify the new program change, but only loops D and E will stay on with PC 4 and 5.

Let me know if theres something ive missed, or if there is something I can check to make sure the ML5 is functioning properly.

Unit is brand new, purchased on 26dec2020.


Sounds like the RJM might be sending multiple PC messages. Is there any way you can verify?

Hi James,

Thanx for your quick response.

Ive changed midi channels, and I’m experiencing the same problem.

I have managed to get some pc changes to work, and some CC changes.

but it does seem inconsistant from one song set up to another.

It does seem like The ML5 is recieving multiple PC’s but, im checking my programming on the RJM editor and I’m sure I’m only sending one command to the ML5

My midi set up is

RJM Mastermind > Selah quartz (ch.5) > Midi spliter > the ML5 (ch.2) (where that midi send terminates.)

If anything comes to mind, let me know.


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Hi James,

Heres some vids to show you what Im experiencing.

Cheers mate

Brad Kypo

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52.8 MB

Thanks for the info. I’m out now and will check it out later when I’m back.

But in the meantime, can you try turning this feature off?

By default, the ML5 will toggle between on and off if the same PC message is received, which I am guessing is what is happening (it is receiving 2 PC messages). If this feature is turned off, the loops will just turn on.

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Hi James in this one,

Ill show you how Im trying to program the ML5.

Let me know if Im missing something.

As the Mastermind has 700 presets, I want to set up 5 PCs, one for each loop, and then call them as I need them , rather than that 127 pcs call 127.

Then on top of that Have Instant access buttons that call the CC’s if I want to stomp in loop during a preset.

In my set up, Im running 10 different midi channels, so the PC’s don’t all get called 1-127.


Hi James, I tried the restart with B Button down. Im getting the same result.

Thanks for the videos. I just watched both. The way you program the ML5 is correct - but is there any way to confirm that the switches you used on the Mastermind to send the PC messages is not sending anything else? Do you have any MIDI interface that you could use with a MIDI Monitor to determine the exact MIDI messages that are being sent?

I’ll try to replicate the issue on Monday when I’m back in office - if you have the PC Toggle feature turned off and it still happens, possibly there is a CC#0 message being sent to bypass the loops as it turns on.

cheers james. nye too!

Ive got around it by not using PC’s, just programming CCs.

it seems to be working like that. Not sure what is going on with the PC’s?

I haven’t experienced that kind of thing with any of the other components Im using on other midi channels, and the ML5 was placed on a clean un-used midi channel, with no previous data.

Not sure, what the problem is with the compatibility between the two units with PC’s. Any, looks like ive found a workaround:)