Looper Mode extra feature

Hello James. Sometimes I have problems when trying to program all controls I need in my loopers with MC8 (Boss, Headrush and Electro-Harmonix). I allways need to use Looper Mode to overcome latency issues in start/end record tracks and that leaves me only 16 (or 22 with external) to control all functions (forgive me the “only”). What I would like is the possibility to process multiple actions on same switch in looper mode. For example, I want to program switch A like this: record track1 on Press, stop track1 on Double-Press and delete track1 on Long-Press. I know that for stopping or deleting my track I have to play it for a fraction of second before but I could live with that to multiply my switch options in looper mode. It would make a big difference to me because all my loopers fucntion like this and I’m used to it. Please, if not too difficult, add it as an Looper Mode or General option. Thanks for the excelent job you made with the MC range of produnts. Now that I have one, I couldn’t live without it anymore.

Should be possible though. Do you have any issues with it? Can you share a screenshot of your settings if so?

You’ll just need to use use Release with Long Press, or Press with Long Press Release, because a Long Press will trigger a Press as well.

But for time sensitive functions, you shouldn’t use a Double Tap as that will add to the Press latency (Double Press does not engage Press, so the controller needs to determine if the action executed is a Press or Double Press, and hence the slight delay).

It works! I misanderstood the Looper Mode limitations and because of that I didn´t even try to use Long-Press or Long-Press Release following Press. Now the programming options of my Headrush Looperboard are huge and let me take advantage of all its full funtionalities. Thank you very much for your help.

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Hello , i’ve some question/suggestion for the looper Mode feature.

I’m using Empress V30 Looper and i’ve create a bank (thanks to Serge) with all the control feature of it. I wanna know if its possible with morningstar to progam this kind of situation :

  • when i press the record button , can he start to record 4 beat on the clock after the press , like a countdown function?
  • Can i record a pre-determined length (8/16/32 or 5/7/9 bar) without pressing the record again to stop it ?

My goal here is to control my looper without having any worries about pressing record the right moment or being out of time .

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Currently not possible… and I’m not sure if we will prioritise this type of automation in future firmwares yet

Ok , maybe one day so !
Thank you !

Interesting see that the expectations of looper users for new features are turning from the its brand company to to the external controler. This feature should normally be requested from Empire but Morningstar users expect more from the external controler developer than the looper builder. One day all the loopers will be the same and the midi controller will make the difference? Just a joke :slightly_smiling_face: