Looper mode activation on bank enter - How to test is working?

Im setting up a bank specifically to control the Timelines looper. I planned to use a switch for a Looper mode on/off but I saw a post about messages on bank entering/exiting.

I tried it to set up:
When enter bank 29 - Engage looper
When exit bank 29 - Engage looper

Is there any way to test the commands are actually working? Because I dont see any message of activation.

However, if I assign a normal message on a preset. I actually see the message happening. I have it working and set up this way:
(Preset H change to bank 29 + activate looper mode)

I am just asking if the way I quoted above is not the proper way of doing it or I´m not getting how the Edit bank settings work.

Hi @fjavi.mb. That’s the way I do it because I want looper mode allways activated in some banks to control loopers. There’s no message indicating that you enter/leave this mode but I just fell it when creating loops because the response is much quicker when starting/stopping a loop. As a test to be shure you are in looper mode, create a temporary preset in that bank to togglelooper mode and you will see that the first message will be “Leaving looper mode”. Other way to test it is that is very difficult to press to buttons at the same time like B+C (Toggle page). Normally you will need to press it several times to get a response.

Hey, thanks for the answer!
Tried it with the togglelooper preset and it worked last night, will try again trying to press a couple of buttons as well just in case. Thanks for confirming my suspicion.

if you find it hard to bank up/down using dual buttons then the controller is likely in Looper mode