Loop Order on the ML5

I am thinking of purchasing a MC8 and ML5 for my pedalboard but realized I may have a problem. In the ML5 I would be connecting 3 drive pedals and then a chorus and a tremolo but between the chorus and tremolo I would have delay and reverb (both have MIDI control so I wasn’t going to loop them into the ML5) and I wanted to have my tremolo at the end of the chain. Is there a way to do this with one ML5 or would I have to buy another ML5 just to have the tremolo on it’s own loop at the end?

this would be my signal chain:

The Compressor, Delay and Reverb are MIDI capable so I didn’t want to have those looped in the ML5, just the pedals that aren’t MIDI capable which would be the drive pedals, chorus and tremolo.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hi. If you are able to cut down on one pedal, you can reserve one loop on the ML5 for your delay and reverb, and have that loop permanently on. This means you can only choose 4 non-MIDI pedals to use. However, if you need to use all 5 non-MIDI pedals then another ML5 is needed. Or you could wait for our upcoming ML10X that will have 5 stereo loops or up to 10 mono loops - Unofficial ML10X (previously ML5X) Thread

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