Looking for help with FM3 and MC8

Hi all
I just got a used Morningstar mc8 to use with my fm3 mkII Turbo. However, I’m not having any luck getting it to do anything.
I’ve updated the mc8 editor firmware and the unit firmware to the latest. I have the 2 midi cables connected. The mc8 usb to my mac. The device is recognized in the editor. That’s about it though. I’ve chosen fractal audio integration, which I was led to believe should just make this all work seamlessly. I just want to have the mc8 control all 8 scenes for whatever preset I’m on. I plan to have the fm3 switches be preset up, preset down and tap tempo/tuner. MIDI channels are set to channel 1. I have noticed that in the mc8 editor it shows I’m in bank A. But on the mc8 screen, it shows B. I’m not sure if that’s correct or not. The Morningstar video shows it working but they really don’t get into specifics on anything else that may need to be set on the mc8 or the fm3. I’ve emailed Morningstar but really not sure how soon they will respond so figured I would ask here. Thanks!