Long Press to Toggle Page

Hello, I’m trying to use Long Press on Preset A to Toggle Page, but when I release the Long Press after the page toggles, Preset I (Release) is engaged. How do I fix this? Thanks for your time.

It’s a bug. I’m finishing up on v3.8.4 now for some bug fixes and will fix this as well


@Quasar Actually, can you email me your bank data just so I can verify that the issue is resolved?

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No problem! What is your email?

Thanks! You can just send it to help@morningstarfx.com and I can pick it up from there.

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Received with thanks. Just tested (I changed your original double tap for toggle page back to Long Press) and no other messages gets triggered. But I loaded firmware v3.8.3 to test the issue as well and am not able to replicate it. What firmware are you currently using?

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Thanks James! I’m still on 3.8.3. Just set the Toggle Page for Long Press again (I had switched to Double Tap Release in the meantime as you noticed), and it’s triggering Preset I. Should I try 3.8.4?

No harm giving that a go and see if it fixes the issue. Let me know!

It does not… It even triggers the Release function of Preset A sometimes. Preset I is triggered when I release the switch. Could it be a faulty switch, perhaps?

Edit: Let’s see if I can replicate the issue on a different switch.

Edit #2: It does it on switch F/N as well, although maybe not as often? Very strange…

Thanks for the information! Ok let me try that and get back to you later today.

Can you share with me a screenshot what you have in your controller settings?

Is this good?

yes, thanks! I’m able to replicate the issue, although intermittently. Will check what’s the issue

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Hey there @james , hope all is well. Ever figure out what’s going on with this?

hi @Quasar , yes, I’ll include this fix in v3.8.5. But might need your help to test it first. Will look into this tomorrow.

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I’d be happy to! Thanks again.

Thanks! Hopefully this fixes it. You can find v3.8.5 here: Release Firmware v3.8.4 · Morningstar-Engineering/MC8-MIDI-Controller · GitHub

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Sorry, James. Unfortunately, 3.8.6 still hasn’t fixed this bug.

Yikes - I’ve tested it when I worked on a fix and couldn’t get this behaviour anymore. Let me try again this week.

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Thanks for the persistence, James. The odd thing is that the behavior isn’t consistent; sometimes it turns the page, sometimes it turns the page and engages Preset I, sometimes it does what it’s supposed to and engages Preset A (long press) and stays put.