Long Press to open a "bank" or collection of favorites for each pedal

I searched for a while and didnt find what i was looking for, mainly because i may not know the right jargon. But this is what i would like to accomplish:

for a “favorite” bank, I would like to be able to long press to open a menu (or bank?) of favorite presets for that pedal.

Lets say my Sunset is on “B”: I want to long press “B” and be able to choose from at least 6 saved Sunset presets.

I would appreciate any help or advice, as well as correction if im using the wrong terms to ask this question.


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Sounds like this will work:

First you have a long press action with a bank jump message, to jump to your “favourite” bank. In this case it’s Bank 2.

Then in Bank 2, you can just program PC messages on each preset (say, PC#0 - PC#5 for preset A to F) to send to your Sunset.


I have this set up with some of my effects like Overdrives and Compressors. I have a bank jump action set up on Long Press to bring me to banks toward the end (banks 30, 29, 28, etc).
There I have presets assigned to each button in a menu for selection.
On each bank menu, I have a button in the upper left labeled as a Return button that has the toggle On for Go to Last Used Bank in the Bank Jump action.

note - be sure to use Release actions to replace any Press actions, this is so it won’t interfere with the Long Presses

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You ROCK. thanks man

That’s exactly what I was looking for!! Thanks man!!

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