Long Press Release Triggers Release Preset Toggle on Controller But Not Pedal Itself

Hey everyone, first time poster here. I’m trying to set up a toggle preset for my El Capistan on my MC3. I have release actions set for positions 1 and 2 for toggling between two presets, and a long press/release action for position 2 to engage infinite repeats, as well as a double tap action for both positions to bypass the pedal.

My issue is, the long press release in pos 2 is toggling the preset name back to pos 1 on the controller. The pedal stays in preset 2 with the wrong name showing on the controller. I have to press/release again to line the controller back up with the pedal.

I’m totally new to midi so I’m sure there’s something fundamental about what’s going on that I don’t understand. Hoping someone can point it out to me. Thanks!

don’t use ‘toggle mode’. If ‘toggle mode’ is active ANY action will toggle the preset. There is a message type that is called ‘toggle peset’. Deactivate ‘toggle mode’ and add a message with ‘toggle preset’ for every action ( eg. ‘release’) that is supposed to toggle the preset.