Long Press auto-engage

Hello! My MC8 engages an action when I simply hold down a switch programmed to Long Press, but my MC6ii waits till I release the switch for the action to take place.

I’m sure I read about this somewhere, but I can’t find it now… How do I get the MC6ii to behave like the MC8 in regards to these auto-Long Presses?

Thanks for the help!


Sorry, can you paste a screenshot of your preset settings in the editor? Not sure if I understood your question correctly.

Long press actions will execute press actions as well. When the switch is released, it will only execute Long Press Release and Release All actions. So, if you want to pair a Press and Long Press action, you should use a Release and Long Press action instead.

My bad, I totally botched that description, let me try again.

Let’s say I have a message programmed for Long Press, with Long Press being set to 600ms in the Controller Settings.

On the MC8, the message is engaged after pressing for 600ms, even if I haven’t released the switch yet. On the MC6, the action is engaged only upon release of the switch.

Does this make sense?

Oh! So the MC6 and MC8 are behaving differently? What firmware are you using on both? If you are using a Bank Jump message, those always execute only when the switch is released.

That might be it; I think I’m using Long Presses on the MC6 for Bank Jumps! I’ll double check…

Yep! That’s it! Thanks for that.

Is there something special about Bank Jumps that makes them impervious to Long Press?

Yes, we put it at the end as the device cannot execute, for example, msg 1-5, then do a Bank Jump, and then execute 7-16 in the new bank. Hence it always executes the last - after all the messages are completed.

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I just started another thread, then thought the issue might be connected to this, so I’ll post it here:

Let’s say we want our MC6 to tell our MC8 to Engage Preset A (Bank 1) by sending CC#10.

Thing is, our MC8 happens to be in Bank 2 at the moment - the CC#10 doesn’t discriminate on bank, it just gives us Preset A.

How do we tell it to choose Preset A in a specific bank? I tried putting a PC#0 before it, but that only works after hitting the switch twice, for some reason.

Infinite thanks for your infinite wisdom!

Did we ever figure out how to solve the issue in my post above? I believe it has to do with your Bank Jump post above it.

hey! at the moment, you can only engage presets in the current bank. Being able to engage it in a different bank makes sense too - I have added it to my backlog to explore.

Meanwhile, try adding a delay between the PC message and the CC message. That should help.

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Not sure if this will be helpful in your situation, but there is the Engage Preset action that you can assign to a footswitch and that one does let you engage presets on a different bank. You might could set it up on a footswitch and then trigger the Engage Preset action (that can also bank jump) via the Engage Preset midi command.
It might not be ideal for you, but it’s a workaround of sorts. I’ve used something like it before.

Cool, I will try that now!

A little backdrop: I have one expression pedal, but need switches on both the MC6 and MC8 to control what the expression pedal does. So I set up the MC6 to trigger a preset on the MC8, because that’s where I had the expression pedal connected. Is there possibly a different way I could get one expression pedal to respond to both the MC6 and MC8?

Are you talking about an external footswitch here? Thanks for the idea, jmay

as an example if you always wanted to be able to Engage Preset A on Bank 1 from any bank then you could…
Assign the Engage Preset action (that can bank jump) to the same footswitch on all your banks and then you can use the Engage Preset midi command to trigger the Engage Preset action (triggering Preset A Bank 1). You could even assign it to something uncommon like Long Double Tap Release. if you are only gonna trigger via midi.

I’m not exactly sure I follow. What is the Engage Preset action that can Bank Jump? Keep in mind this is a message from the MC6 to the MC8. Sorry if I’m missing something.

A delay of 100ms seems to work. Praise be to our fearless (not gearless) leader, james!

The Engage Preset action I’m referring to was added in 3.7 update. It is like the midi command, but it is an assignable action that you can assign to a local footswitch preset. It is in the menu that you assign to footswitch commands.

I don’t have my device to check but I think it might be right after Toggle Preset and Delay.
*Edit - It isn’t actually a bank jump. It can remotely activate a preset on a different bank. (lack of sleep wasn’t making me think straight there)