Long Press and Bank Jump

Hi. This was almost a confused post about why ‘Long Press’ on a bank jump is behaving more like ‘Long Press Release’, but reading through some of the old posts that came up has got me up to speed.

So I’d just like to add a +1 to the idea you suggested in a post last year @james, of switching the screen to the new bank on the long press first. It’s just good to have the visual feedback of when your press has been long enough.

And if nothing else cut down on the amount of times you have to respond to posts about this in the forum :rofl:

if the bank jump cannot occur before the release, perhaps there’s a way to indicate the long press has occurred visually in the current preset.

Perhaps you can change toggle the case of the preset label or add a symbol to the label as soon as the long press occurs?

I forget if this is possible by user control using a toggle today, but if not perhaps it’s a feature that is easier than bank jump before release.

I do understand it’s nice to know that you’ve pressed the switch long enough to trigger a long press (before you accidentally release early and trigger a regular release).