Location of serial number on back side rather than at bottom?

Since a few weeks I am a proud and happy MC6 owner. Like many people I put that pedal on my pedal board using velcro. Like with many other pedals I found the serial number sticker on the bottom side. So I did the usual routine to take pictures first if something goes wrong. I then cautiously removed the sticker and replaced it on the backside. I was glad to find out that the label allowed for this procedure without damage. Nonetheless, I suggest locating the serial number on the backside directly from factory. It’s just a tiny thing though. I am fully satisfied with this product. The rest is just improvement…
Great devices and great support by morningstar! Thanx

Hi thanks very much for your feedback! Aside from the serial number sticker on the backplate, the serial number for your device can also be found on the PCB when you remove the backplate. So don’t worry about losing your serial number. We placed the sticker in the middle on the back so hopefully the velcro won’t be pasted on it (top + bottom strips, side strips or 4 corners). We’ve not stuck them on the sides as we didn’t want the serial number to be visible and affect the product aesthetic.

Aah, thank you for the information. Good to know that the serial number is doubled inside the device. With regards to velco usage: I like to have fixed connections. So probably I apply too much velcro to the bottom side… I am totally on board with the decision because of the aesthetics. Sticker on the sides is no option. Besides, you did make a very good job not to have any screw heads to stick out at the bottom. So all in all: I am very pleased. :slight_smile: Thank you!

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