Loading up Bliss Factory with presets

Hi, newbie here, just got my MC3 and have found it easy to create presets one at a time. However I have a Bliss Factory which contains 122 preset slots and I would like a quick way to save a bunch of stuff. So instead of creating one MC3 preset that sends PC #1 over channel 3, then dialing up a sound and saving, then creating another preset that sends PC #2, etc… is there a quick-fire way to just sequentially send PC messages over channel 3? Don’t need to create presets in the MC3, just send those PC messages really.

Hi @ian0101. Get a look at this threath because I think it will help you to make what you want. Understanding the Counter

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Thank you, exactly what I wanted. I set up a bank with preset A scrolling down and sending, preset B scrolling up and sending, and preset C just sending the current PC# in the counter. I also named preset C “Save %E0” which displays the preset name as “Save [whatever PC# Counter 0 is currently on].” Hope that helps other newbies!