"Loading" Preset actions, or renaming other presets - MC6 Pro

I tried to figure this out and search for it, but had no luck.

I have a couple ideas that would be fantastic for usability when it comes to controlling presets for other pedals and overall flexibility. Are either of these currently possible?

  1. An action that would load or copy a set of commands to a different bank/switch. So you could have
    bank B full of different presets for one pedal, and when you pressed (for example) switch B on bank B, it would copy a set of commands to switch B on bank A. Then if you pressed switch C on bank B, it would copy a different set of commands to switch B on bank A. Thus allowing you to load different commands onto a single footswitch for different scenarios. This would allow you to completely remap a footswitch on the fly to completely different tasks. This would be amazing!

  2. Similarly, an action that would rename a different preset. Use case - in the above scenario, would allow you to rename/label presets to a variety of different options. Alternatively, simply loading different presets of a pedal and updating the name of the preset. For example, a preset that loads a favorite for another pedal (strymon etc.) would rename a different switch that toggles the pedal on/off with the name of the favorite.