Loading issue with Web Editor 1.3.5

My Mc6Pro will not completely connect to the new Web Editor1.3.5. (It keeps cycling on loading banks, etc) It works fine with 1.3.4. Anyone else having this issue?

I used it a lot today and didn’t experience any issues. What controller/firmware version are you using?

Can you click on “show midi devices” and share a screenshot?

I just discovered that it was doing this because the Expression Pedal wasn’t plugged in. I noticed that the unit is fidgety when the EP is plugged in and it rhythmically goes from 98 to 100%. Thanks!

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James, while I have you…how do I get/force the ML10X to update the controller Web Editor? I added a pedal to the ML10X, but it doesn’t appear in the MC6Pro editor yet?

Are both editors on the same URL? If, for example, the ML10X editor is using the beta editor and the MC6 is using the live editor then it won’t work.

I’m assuming you are referring to the device names being displayed in the ML10X message type in the MC6 PRO edtor?

That did it! Thanks again!