Linking MC6 with MC8 possible?

I understand that the Omniports can be used in an AUX mode to allow access to other presets - I,J,K, etc. but can this be done by linking the MC6 to the MC8? I don’t see anywhere that explains that this can be done. If this is possible, some bullet point - steps would be greatly appreciated. I was working with something like this: MC8 - primary and Omniport4 set to Aux and plugging MC6 into Omniport4. unfortunately it’s not working.

No this won’t work, because the omniport can either be an aux in or a midi out. You can do it via midi, though. Just connect the 5 pin midi out of your mc 6 to the midi in of your mc 8. The mc can be remotely controlled by pc and cc messages.

Thanks for the reply. Prior to the omniport I did try it through MIDI, setting the MIDI thru on the MC8 to on thinking it would send messages to my device(kemper) but it was not passing them through. Basically what I’m trying to do is control things on the Kemper using both switches but I’ve only been about to get them to work as one or the other. I would also like to be able to update the MC8 from the Kemper but I understand this isn’t possible yet either…such as changing a patch on the Kemper and having the effect pedal setting (off/on) on the MC8 update based on what changed on the Kemper

If I understand you correctly, your midi chain is mc6 into mc8 into the kemper? Both mc should pass through recieved midi messages. Did you check the global settings if midi through is active?

Here is a link to the manual

MC6 (out) → (in) MC8 (out) → Kemper

With the MC8 MIDI Through active the Kemper still isn’t receiving messages from the MC6. One thing I didn’t do was trying it while not having one of them connected to the editor. Will give that a shot next.

Thanks for your responses. I was able to get the MIDI Thru to work on the MC8. I believe it wasn’t previously because I was still connected to the editor on MC8.