Linking MC6’s Banks to Presets Boss Gt-1000 Core

I’m a new user. I was able to set up a bank on the MC6 to do what I want in manual mode on a Gt-1000 core patch. However, I realized that if I change patches on the Boss (like U026 to U025) I would need to set up a new bank on the MC6 to toggle the effects in that new patch. Is there any way to link the banks on the MC6 with presets on the Boss so they load automatically when you change patches?

Yes, since the GT is capable to send midi commands this is possible. Connect the midi out of your GT to the midi in of the MC. Make sure Midi through is disabled on both devices to avoid midi loops. You can recall a bank of the MC by simply sending a PC#. This can be programmed on the GT in the CTL/EXP Tab under ‘Patch Midi’

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Excellent work as always @GuitarWolf.

@pmargen - MIDI PCs/CCs etc that the MC6 can receive (and thus you’d need to program on your Boss) are in the manual MC6 MKII User Manual (Firmware v3.10) - search for Using an External MIDI Controller to control the MC6