Line 6 Stomp XL + ToneX + MC6 Preset/Bank Strategy

I’m currently using the Stomp XL and ToneX. I’ve just added the MC6 Pro. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to utilize these tools.

What is your strategy in building Stomp/MC6 preset and Banks?

My current thinking is to use the Stomp to save tone-based presets (1A: Vox AC 30, 1B: JTM-45, 1C: Two-Note, 1D: Mesa Boogie Mark V…) Within each of those presets I create snapshots that range from clean to lead. But this is not very practical when playing any given song that will only use one or two guitar amp tones.

So my thought was to then use the MC6 to be song-based where each song points to a particular ToneX guitar tone and a particular Stomp preset that has the saved snapshots and stomp box settings for the verse, chorus, bridge…But doing this in practice seems a bit complicated (probably because I don’t know how to program the MC6 well enough yet).

So…how do you leverage the power!! Looking for wisdom…