Line 6 HX One MC 6 Pro

Use Bank per Song with presets. Currently use the HX one. CC#4 is in the manual to engage and bypass.

Preset 1: cc#4 set to 0 (HX one is bypassed)
Preset 2: cc#4 set to 0 (HX one is bypassed)
Preset 3: cc#4 set to 127 (HX one is engaged)
Go back to Preset 2 HX one stays engaged.

When I bounce presets the HX One is not engaging/bypassing correctly. Any help would be appreciated.

would you share some screenshots of your presets, and elaborate on what you are trying to do?

Pasted images. Nothing more than switching presets and the HX One is not engaging/bypassing properly. Each preset is set correctly wit cc#4 0 or 127 and it is not holding. It is not consistent.

Set your “engage” messages to ‘Position = 1’ and your “disengage” messages to ‘Position = 2’

I have watched all the videos on the pos 1 and pos 2. So I need the engage/byass both on each preset? so cc#4 0 Pos 1 and cc#4 127 pos 2, This has to go on every preset?

If you want to toggle something on/off that’s basically how it works. But if you want to engage on the first press and disengage on the second press you’d have to program the value 127 to pos1 and 0 to pos2.

I am still not grasping this Pos 1 and Pos 2. Preset 1 is set to both postions cc#4 0. Preset 2 is set Pos 1 cc#4 127 Pos 1 and cc#4 0 Pos 2. When I go back to Preset 1 the HX One is staying on.

Screenshot 2024-05-04 at 1.04.22 PM

Try having a read of How to indicate only the last engaged Preset

Are you sending a PC# message on preset 1?

Yes, I send a PC change on every preset, just the way I saved. I did take out the PC changes when it wasn’t needed and it stopped turning it on.

Will give this a read.

On some devices a pc# will recall a preset and activate it at once. Sometimes sending a cc# value 0 directly after the pc# message won’t turn the preset off because it takes time to boot up the preset. In that case adding a delay message between the pc# and cc# will solve the problem. Another way to do this is to programm the pc# to a press and the cc# to a release action

GuitarWolf is correct…the HX One requires a delay between some commands. One of my presets for the HX One includes a preset load that I want immediately bypassed (so I can selectively engage it only when wanted). Howerver, without the 50ms delay, the HS One would not bypass the effect. With the delay, it works every time. You may find the delay time could be reduced (or increased) depending on the HX preset you’re loading. Hope this helps.