Limit to how many pedals can be connected?

I have 6 pedals with midi available and want to connect them all to an MC8, plus my boss expression pedal, is there a limit to how many pedals you can control with the MC8? Pretty new to midi so not sure if this is a dumb question or not.

Hi. Our MIDI controllers can simultaneously send MIDI via 16 different MIDI channels. You can connect up to 16 different devices and control them all at once.

Would it not be possible to connect more than 16 devices?
For example, using a 16 channel midi merge/ thru box;
technically, a user could connect 4 midi devices to max out the daisy chain per MIDI channel which is 64 devices!

composing the messages could get messy; hence SysEx

It is possible to connect more than 16 devices, but the MIDI protocol only allows for up to 16 different MIDI channels, so you can only independently control 16 devices.

James, with SysEx independent control is the name of the game; there could be independent control of quite a few devices using DEVICE IDs…well beyond 16 devices on a single MIDI channel, no?

For General MIDI, of course…general midi has its limitations; hence MPE

Yes, with SysEx you can control any number… But in the context of this thread, standard MIDI messages allows you 16 channels

Assuming your sysex message is smaller than 47 in length.

Yeah thats right… Ideally, we can start “hard-coding” the sysex strings of popular devices, so instead of constructing the sysex string, you can just select from a drop-down list. Not sure if that’s ideal yet… might have too many variations.

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I think a SysEx library to go along with the PC and CC library options would be a really useful addition…thenagain, I’m still reeling from the new 3.8 firmware…really great stuff!

as far as SysEx per message, I only need a couple of parameter dumps from a couple devices…at the moment…I’d like to be able to input the dump message as a reference and then modify parameter ID and value in a single message…anyhow, I digress…suppose this needs its own thread

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A library sounds good as long as you have the space … and you have a way to change parameters inside some of the entries. It’s a big undertaking and will always be incomplete

Two other ideas:

  • Allow chaining to another preset to go beyond 46 bytes.
  • Instead of using space allocated per event (hence the 46 limit), have 10-20 global custom sysex blocks that can be used on any event. This is similar to the library, just that the data is writable by the user.
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Too bad we’re limited by storage space in the current controllers to store this. Majority of the users probably won’t even touch sysex anyway.

In the pro model, we’ll store the sysex strings globally and then call then from the preset.

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We have chaining already with “Engage Preset”, no?
I just built some 72 byte subcontrols for PCM8x and it works great.
Would I rather write my commands in a single input field? +
yes…but it works now =-D
Once you’ve jumped thru the hoops of building the master Preset, it’s copy and paste…or are you talking about something else? Personally, I don’t currently have any single messages I require which are longer than 24 bytes

That is kinda what I am talking about- for my PCM8x purposes there will always be PARAMETER IDs, FLAG IDs and VALUE LSB to input…there’s no way around that without storing 10s of 1000s of commands, which is just crazy to consider; users would have written the command before finding what they wanted in a library list…In a way, the functionality is already there with copy/paste :slight_smile:

Pro model?!? what’s that? I never visit FB

uh, yeah…Like I said…no thanks, I won’t go to FB
the link you provided to TGP leads to a link to FB!

I do spend waaaaay too much time on TGP, tho

anyhow, think I’m gonna get a MM GT16 in the next couple of weeks…