Lex v2 MIDI Dictionary

I have an MC6 Pro, firmware 3.12.12, and a Lex v2 attached via TRS Omniport, running on MIDI channel 6. In a new msg, I added a Slow Speed parameter (CC #23) with a value of 10, from the MIDI Dictionary (using the “Open MIDI Dictionary” button).

But the default description that populates the msg box refers to “LFO2/Arp Rate (Nord - Lead 2).” Surely, this isn’t the correct description.

The MIDI Monitor shows the proper CC/values being passed but it makes me question where this data is coming from, and whether it affects other device values.

Is anyone else experiencing this behavior?

Further testing shows a similar issue with the Slow/Fast Toggle parameter (CC #22), and a host of other odd descriptions assigned to various Lex MIDI CC numbers.

Notice the similar, but different description.