LCD Contrast adjustment?

Purchased an MC6 mkII a while back and it’s awesome. Just purchased an MC8 and it arrived yesterday. Just getting it unpacked and setup. I’ve noticed that the LCD contrast is quite different on the two pedals, and the new MC8 screen has that ghosty look at the location I am currently viewing it at. I was hoping to adjust the contrast to get it looking more legible, but don’t see anything about adjusting the LCD contrast. Is this possible?


If you remove the backplate, there are 2 trimpots on the circuit board to adjust the brightness and contrast of the LCD.


Hi James,

I have the MC6, does it also have a way to adjust the brightness on the circuitboard? Is opening the backplate on the bottom tough, or does it void the warranty? My LCD is very bright and sort of hurts my eyes at night!

You rock! Thanks.

yes, there are trimpots there as well. don’t worry, opening the backplate will not void the warranty.

You’ll just need to remove the 4 screws that are securing the backplate down.


I’ve adjusted the trim pots on the side of my MC6, but is there any way to make my MC6 “dark mode” like my MC8, where the background is dark and only the text is lit up with LEDs? I hope that makes sense,

It’s a hardware change actually. We no longer use the white on Black LCDs for the MC6.

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Ah, I see. It’s a little strange to have an MC8 with white text next to an MC6 with white background, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

Any plans on putting the alternate contrast screen on the MC8 in the future? I’ll probably end up with both an MC6 and MC8 (one for guitar, the other synths), so figured I’d ask!