Latest revision of my board

I’ve totally lost count of how many times i’ve done it but this is likely to stay this way for a while now if only due to lack of funds for more pedals.

(couldn’t upload pic from laptop on several attempts but succeeded just now direct from phone)


People are probably scared to post pictures because they know it’ll be totally different in a few weeks. Guilty!
I think I remember I dragged and dropped my pictures to my post to upload.
Can’t wait to see your creation.

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Awesome pedal selection! What exactly are you doing with that modular switch board? Very intriguing.

You mean the BoredBrain Patchulator? i really wanted a pedal-order switcher (like the ML5 but with pedal order switching like, say, a GigRig G2)…but i settled for this…and it’s a great tool for sound creation, i recommend it.

That said, i have just taken it off the board in favor of the even more demonic BoredBrain INTRFX which has three channels of interchange with actual eurorack modular and i now do the reordering stuff in modular and have a straightforward chain on the board.

I’ll post a picture of the new board here in a moment

okay so my main board had a baby too…