Labels for scroll, etc

Either it is there (newbie) or I would like it to be. I would like to be able to label scroll steps and other messages beyond the 1, 2, 3…

@james Is there a way to name scroll steps? If not, it would be great if the preset label stayed the same, but the preset long name said what I just did.

For example, I have a preset in Ableton that lowers the volume with successive step presses and a long press puts it back to 0db. A label would let me know at a glance what message I just sent (-3db, -6db, etc.) rather than trying to look at Ableton’s small GUI.

Hi there,

Are you referring to the Message Scroll feature? It’s not possible to label each step. It’s only possible to display the current message that the pointer is currently at, with the %G placeholder

I’ll use the %G. The Liquid Foot was able to show the next step, labeling up to four steps. Low priority, but a nice feature for the future, showing either current press Long Label or next step in the short label or both (what I did and what’s next). Basically, expanding the toggle 2nd label to scroll steps.