Keystrokes in ableton

Hello Friends,

I was searching for this topic but couldn’t find it specifically…

Maybe i’m missing something very basic
But I can’t seem to make keystrokes work in ableton…

I just wish to use the arrows to go up and down in the clips,

But the midi learn dosent have that function i dont belive (or couldnt find it)

Anyway any thoughts would be great

Thank you(:

Well, assuming you’re NOT using a “no keyboard” firmware and your MC is connected to your PC/Mac via USB, a keystroke message should just work. Search the manual for “keystroke”: MC6 MKII User Manual (that’s the MC6 MkII manual, same for all devices). A gotcha causing it not to work might be this? Certain Functions Are Not Working

Hey moley6knipe

Thats intereating,
My mc6 pro is conected to my laptop (windows 11)
Im not sure about the firmware… i thoght i downloaded the most recent one :thinking:

Ill try the link you sent thabk you!

If you’re using an MC6Pro then the latest firmware is here, and there’s no “no keyboard” firmware, that only applies to the other models.

Hi. There’s no need to use MIDI Learn on Ableton if you are sending keystroke commands from your MC6 PRO. As long as the correct keystroke messages are being sent, it will work automatically. We explain and demonstrate this here:

Hey (:

Thats the video i was folowing… i think im missing something though,
I made a left and a right keystroke but they dont respond at all in ableton,

And ive noticed that my bank up/down is kind of strange, like i press it and it works but only a few times then it stops working… maybe thats related?

And i was also wondering about this option in the editor settings should i turn it on or off for keystrokes to work?

Very much needs to be “off”… Certain Functions Are Not Working

Ok yeah it was off most of the time (:

Can you post screenshots of the offending presets?

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Hope this picture is ok :sweat_smile:

And im also getting this message every 3rd time i try to conect the mc6… maybe its related?:face_with_peeking_eye::thinking:

Well the USB connection issue isn’t going to help for sure… I guess you’ve rebooted the windows box and power cycled the MC?

Are you connecting the MC directly to a laptop USB port or via some sort of USB hub? A direct cable between MC and laptop is normally best.

Assuming you get a stable connection, try changing the Right Arrow to e.g. the letter Q, save the preset and click the Disconnect button in the Editor but leave the MC and Laptop plugged together via USB. Then open Notepad and press the MC’s switch… do you see the letter Q?

Ok thats a good idea! I was going direct and yeah it took a dew rebooting Attempts haha

Ok the letter Q you say ? Then it should simply write it in a text format in a notepad? Very interesting thank you! Ill try that now :metal:


I changed the F butten to Q instead of Right arrow…

And its not Is showing up in the notepad …

Not sure what im missing :melting_face:

Did you click the green “Disconnect” button top-right of the editor before pressing the Q foot switch?

Hmmm Yeah i did Disconnect it…
Maybe its a conection issue?
I used a few different cabels (all usb)
Could it be some technical thing?
Strange haha

Well, no idea then… all looks to me like it should be working but isn’t. Be interesting to see if other Pro users can replicate the issue

Thank you very much for brainstorming i really appreciate it !

Hopfully ill figure out what to do(:

It might help if you try (on Windows) removing the MC6 PRO device in the device manager. There should be one under Keyboard though it’ll likely be just a generic name, then disconnect and connect the MC6 again to reinstall the driver.

Usually i use this to check for keystrokes:

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Interesting ill try that thank you very much!