Keystroke over MIDI/WIDI?

Does anyone know whether Keystroke commands are able to be sent via the midi ports?

Or is this a USB only thing?

Can’t quite confirm based on the manual, I’m suspecting it’s midi only, as I haven’t been able to get it to work, despite midi signals being received.

Keystrokes are only transmitted via USB. DIN5/TRS is only for MIDI, which is a different protocol.

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Thought so. Bugger.

Oh well, thanks for the clarification.

This will impact my decision of whether wireless is really the way to go on my pedalboard build.

The Keystroke commands are just so handy, not sure I’m ready to give them up just yet.

I did read there are some “midi to keystroke” software programs out there. But I would prefer to keep things streamlined if possible.

Hmm, back to the drawing board on that one for now. :thinking:

There is software that you can run on a laptop which will convert midi CC to keystrokes. It will behave the same as if you could send keystrokes over a midi cable.

Just pick a set of CC’s on a new midi channel and send them to that program which is configured to send keystrokes (when it sees those CC’s) to your app.

On macOS I know BetterTouchTool works. There are others. Good luck

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Wonder if the midi monitor could be extended to do this? :crazy_face:

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