Keystroke control of pc via hx stomp

I love the mc6 and have it controlling expression pedal, hx stomp , beat buddy and aeros

It’s even better with key stroke control so I can control youtube for practice on pc when mc6 is plugged into pc

only thing is that where they have the USB interface, its no good. I don’t have room for cable coming out the back , and any right angle converters can’t fit because of power cable and midi

that’s not the end of the world, as what I would really like to do is control youtube on computer via USB cable on hx stomp

ie mc6 transmits keystroke via midi to midi circuit which is transmitted via USB cable on hxstomp to my computer

  • I have set hx stomp to midi through and USB on, but does not seem to work

is this possible

Bumping this thread as I have the same question!

I’d like to use my MC6 to control my Stomp via midi and use the MC6’s keystroke commands to control apps on my computer. Since I use my Stomp as an interface, it would be ideal if I could use the Stomp’s USB connection (rather than having to also connect the Morningstar to my computer via USB).

Does anyone know if this is possible?

You connect to connect the MC6 to the computer via USB to send keystrokes. You can’t send it via MIDI to the HX Stomp and then to your computer.

Ah, that’s what I figured. Thanks for the confirmation!

Yes this works fine, but you have to be in the correct preset